Companies will fly into space with Transition Technologies Managed Services

Companies will fly into space with Transition Technologies Managed Services

In March 2019, Transition Technologies Managed Services (TTMS) signed a three-year framework contract with the European Space Agency (ESA). Under the contract, TTMS will support selected space sector entities participating in ESA programs. Assistance will focus on the areas of Product Assurance / Quality Assurance and will rely on the expertise of TTMS personnel.

– The global New Space market needs specialistsoIn Product Assurance and Quality Assurance. The TTMS team includes more than a dozen expertsoin the space sector with many years of experience gained at companies such as Airbus, Thales Alenia, Leonardo, OHB Systems and Honeywell. Our goal is to expand our staffing facilities to a level through which theoremu we will be able to compete for contracts with the world's major players in this sector. We will deepen our experience in more than twenty technological fields; starting with typical satellite data processing software, engine technologyoin rocketry, and from optoelectronics placed on satellite. Our experts will, for example, check whether the software prepared for space missions is in the right wayob deployed or consulted on the variousolne stages and processes in project management – mowi Paweł Fleischer, Project Manager Business Development for Defense & Security Sector in Transition Technologies Managed Services.

Under the contract, TTMS will support more than 10 entities of theoin the space sector selected by ESA Technical Officers. The agreement opens a new stage in the development of spoThe TTMS team is also a member of the team of experts, which is responsible for the development of the company's new technologiesohe cooperation with entities of the European space industry, as well as ESA research centers.

– We feel extraordinary satisfaction and joy at the signing of the contract with ESA. This is a great opportunity for TTMS to establish itself in a new and very promising market. The Polish space sector is currently in a phase of intensive development and shaping its international presence. Through participation in the project, we roWe are also becoming part of this process. Together we can work out our place in the market, whichory opened to the participation of the entityoin private, a ktohe global value of this contract is estimated at $500 billionoin dollaroin 2026. At the same time, we are aware that this is a very demanding sector, in which theoWe are also becoming a part of this process, a position that will have to be built for a very long time, so we see the first contract as a success and an opportunity for the future, but above all as a huge challenge ahead of us – mowi Sebastian Sokolowski, CEO of Transition Technologies Managed Services.

The aforementioned high requirements have particularlyolne importance in the area of Product Assurance / Quality Assurance, which is directly related to the specificolnym space mission environment. The highest standards applied in the industry are expected to prevent potential failures in space missions resulting from faultyow committed at the design and production stages and that could result in disasters claiming human lives or the huge capital invested in projects by investorsow. The problem of ensuring quality products is very important, especially since the program's history ofoin space can be pointed out a few examplesoin events, whichore have ended in disaster as a result of faulty technical assumptions or inadequate verification and validation of the. Experiences of this type have led to the fact that attention to software quality is seen as one of the priority areas of theoin the operations of companies in the space sector. National organizations and administrations – Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology – together with the ESA have established a program to support Polish companies, whichorego aims to ensure the highest standards ofoin the implemented projectsow. The contract signed with TTMS is the first stage of its implementation.