Drinking coffee benefits the heart

Drinking coffee benefits the heart

The results of a new study suggest that drinking coffee, may be beneficial to heart health. Caffeine in small black can protect them from damage. This effect was achieved at a concentration equivalent to the consumption of four cups of coffee.

In a study published on „PLOS Biology” Scientists from the Heinrich Heine University and the IUF-Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine claim that caffeine consumption can improve the health of the comorek, ktore lining the arteries and veins, thereby enhancing their ability to regenerate after damage. The protective effect was achieved at concentrations equivalent to the consumption of four cups of coffee.

Previous studies have already indicated that caffeine is associated with a lower risk of many diseasesob, including type II diabetes, diseases of theob heart and stroke. However, the mechanism underlying caffeine’s protective effect is unclear.

In the new study, the researchers took a closer look at the p27 protein, known to headownie as an inhibitor of the comorkowe. Researchers found that caffeine induced the movement of p27 in mitochondria, triggering a favorable chain of events leading to cell protectionomyocardial rec and assisted in its repair.

The study was conducted on mice. It has been noted that rodents, in which theorych disrupted p27 function, fell significantly more often to heart attack. This prompted the scientistsow to look at the role of this protein in the comorkach animal hearts. It turned out that it was present in mitochondria in the heads ofow different types of comoheart.

When the researchers gave mice caffeine in an amount equivalent to four cups of coffee, they noticed that p27 activity in mitochondria increased significantly. They also observed that the protein promoted the migration of comoshrodbothelium, protecting the comork of the myocardium before the death of the comorkowe. It also activated the fibroblast conversion processow – of the most numerous ventriclesorec of connective tissue – inorks containing contractile fiberokna. These are key processes in myocardial regeneration after myocardial infarction.

The researchers suggest that drinking coffee – or other beveragesoin those containing caffeine – can be particularlyolnie beneficial for osob older, whichore are more prone to heart problems than younger people. In an experiment, caffeine protected mice with pre-diabetic conditions, obese individuals and just the elderly from heart damage.

– Our results indicate a new wayob action of caffeine, whichory promotes myocardial protection and repair through the action of mitochondrial p27. The results of the study should lead to better strategies to protect the heart muscle from damage, including considering coffee or caffeine consumption as an additional dietary factor, especiallyolnie u osob the elderly – said Professor Judith Haendeler, head of theowna author of the study. – The enhancement of mitochondrial p27 could also serve as a potential therapeutic strategy not only for cardiovascular disease, but also for improving health, she added.

– Researchers have discovered that a protein called p27 is important in the recovery process after myocardial infarction in mice, and p27 function is enhanced by caffeine. These are very interesting results, but they need to be confirmed in clinical trials before we can say whether caffeine is really helpful after a heart attack in humans – emphasized Professor Tim Chico, a specialist in chorob cardiovascular from the University of Sheffield.

It is important to note that coffee will not work for everyone. It should be avoided by people with high blood pressure and young people, in whom theohe little black can disrupt sleep and slow down the development of theoj mozgu.