The space holiday is coming. World Space Week in Wroclaw

A cosmic holiday is coming. World Space Week in Wroclaw

From October 5 to 7, Wrocław will host the second Polish edition of World Space Week, an event honoring World Space Week. During three exceptional days, Wroclaw will turn into the capital of science and space enthusiasts. The organizers, the WroSpace Association, have planned a number of attractions, such as a popular science conference, a business fair, competitions, space workshops and panel discussions. One of the partners of the event is the Wroclaw-based company SatRevolution.

The Wroclaw edition of World Space Week includes more than a dozen events and initiatives to popularize knowledge of humanity’s achievements in the field of space exploration. As part of the event’s program, organizers have prepared a number of activities, whichore bring zar closerowno adults, young people and children the exciting world of astronomy.

– Last year’s edition of Wroclaw World Space Week was attended by more than 1,500 waspsob from Wroclaw and surrounding areas. We hope to beat this result this year. We have planned numerous attractions not only for scientistsoin and entrepreneursow operating in the field. World Space Week is a must-attend event for anyone interested in space and phenomena thatore in it – mowi Włodzimierz Tarnowski of the WroSpace association.

– Astronomy is a passionate field of science, and all events thatohe goal is to popularize it, we are particularlyolnie close to us and we cheer them fervently, hence our presence as a partner of the event. World Space Week is an excellent opportunity to present how the Polish space industry is developing today – is told by Grzegorz Zwolinski, president of SatRevolution.

This year’s second edition of the event is held under the honorary patronage of such institutions as POLSA – Polish Space Agency, the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Marshal’s Office of Voivodship ofoThe Lower-Silesian Voivodship, Association of Employers in theoin the Space Sector, the Lower Silesian Board of Education, Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw University, ESERO PL and the Copernicus Science Center.

Wroclaw World Space Week will be inaugurated by an urban game. The goal of the teams of several people will be to go through a route full of astronomical puzzles, get the necessary props and reach the finish line. On October 6, on the other hand, there will be an all-day workshop for children aged 6-10 and 11-15, ktore will find out m. in. how to build a telescope and how the solar system could fit in Wroclaw. Youth and adult workshops will provide an opportunity to build a transmitter for a stratospheric balloon. The event will also include astronomy classes in a mobile planetarium or space virtual reality projections. At the end, each participant will mohead to become a star – in a vivid sky map.

All passionateoin space, the organizers invite to a special World Space Week conference – October 7 at the Wrocław Congress Center at the Centennial Hall. W¶rod speakeroin will find m. in. Dr. Tomasz Rożek from the television program Sonda 2, ktory will talk about artificial intelligence, or Dr. Anna Fotgman of the European Space Agency, whichora will answer the question „What is ill on the Moon?”. The guests will also be Dr. Agata Kolodziejczyk and Matt Harasymczuk from the Lunares habitat, whichoers will talk about analog missions. EAGLE will also be presented – Student project for a large-scale Martian lander. Per participantoThe conference will also feature other attractions such as. astronomical films, rover showoin the Martian or a stratospheric balloon mission with a live broadcast of the.