Archaeological supervision in the construction of a house

Archaeological supervision in the construction of a house

Before starting the construction of a house, it is important to collect all the necessary documents. Among them is also a conservation permit. Sometimes it may be necessary in our case to have archaeological supervision during the construction of a house. We write about what we can expect from it in the following article.

When an archaeologist is necessary when building a house

It all depends on the location of the plot, on whichorej we want to undertake the construction of a house. If it is located in close proximity to an archaeological site, while being under the protection of the conservator of historical monumentsow, this VoivodshipoThe Polish Monument Conservatorow may order archaeological surveys or the need for archaeological supervision during the construction of a house.

What it looks like aboveor archaeological work when building a house

The task of the archaeologist in the course of archaeological supervision at the construction site is to supervise earthworks at the site, Preparation of the necessary photographic documentation and a relevant report on the work carried out. The purpose of the surveillance carried out is the possible identification and protection of the archaeological monument. Usually, however, it turns out that there are no monuments in the area, and work on building a house can be without obstaclesod continued.

About the archaeological supervision of the construction of a house you can hear many untrue and, above all, exaggerated stories, whichore make the presence of an archaeologist on a construction site associated with difficulties and considerable costs. In fact, the nadzor usually proceeds successfully, not opoWhen carrying out the work and not exposing the investor to excessive costs.

How much does it cost to nadzor archaeological?

Inspection and record-keeping by an archaeologist is usually priced according to the area of the area under supervision. Consideration is given to roAlso such factors as the type of objectow occurring at nearby archaeological sites or the duration of earthworks.

It is important to remember that nadzoThe archaeological r covers only those construction works thatore are linked to activities in the ground, this includes excavation for foundations or sewers. The cost of archaeological supervision does not depend on the total area of the plot, but only on that part on which theorym the house is to be built and groundworks are planned.